Wildlife Management Services in Westchester

When we think of pests, insects like termites, cockroaches, bees and bedbugs come to mind. However, they are not the only intruders who can make your life miserable, do serious damage and even cause you and your family to have health problems. Here in Westchester, wildlife can definitely encroach on your living space.

Rats and Mice

Rats, mice, squirrels, bats, raccoons and possums are the most common non-insect pests to watch for. Signs of infestation include tampering with your garbage as raccoons often do; noises of scampering and other activity in your attic often found with Eastern gray squirrels; similar scurrying sounds at night made by flying squirrels and bats; or a large entry hole. In the case of mice, the most telltale indication is their droppings, which look like black rice with pointed ends. If you believe you might have any of these animals as uninvited guests, it’s time to take action.

Leave the Wildlife Services to the Professionals

Ridding your space of wildlife is not a task to be undertaken on your own. Mice and their nests, for instance, carry diseases and should never be touched. Instead, call the experts at Flash Exterminating. No matter what is living in your attic, chimney, walls or between the floors of your home, our professionals will identify it, figure out how it got in, remove it, and show you how to prevent similar infestations in the future. You can’t afford to wait while these pests damage your wood, defecate in your attic, chew your insulation and wiring, and pose a risk of permanent damage or electrical fires. What's more, it is not wise to put children, pets or yourself at risk of rabies or the other diseases that these creatures can sometimes carry. Call us today and take back control of your home.