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Raccoons may choose from an array of options for food. They are omnivores and have been known to consume berries, nuts, fruits, bugs, mice, eggs, fish, shellfish and even snakes. They will also eat cultivated crops, such as corn.

Adults can grow to be quite large, ranging from 15-40 pounds and up to 3 feet in length. Males tend to be larger than females.

Raccoons have strong back legs, which are longer than their front legs. Their front paws have the appearance of hands due to five dexterous toes that they use to forage. Depending on the circumstance, the noise they make is anything from a purr or hiss to grunting, snarling, growling and screaming.


The most common times Skunks will come to your home in New York is foraging through your trash at night for food. The Skunks nest you will find in New York is located under your porch. Flash Exterminating offers the live trapping that is often necessary to control these animals. These live skunk traps are often tubular, or covered with a towel, to impair their vision and helps prevent them from spraying.

Flash Exterminating also provides 6 feet of fencing.  4 feet above ground and 2 feet below will keep the critters out of those nesting areas, while wire mesh will cover openings of entry points in the structure.

For close areas Flash Exterminating can incorporate repellant such as granular or liquid applied to attractive trash receptacles or for more widespread coverage we have the option of electronic repellents to frighten the animal away from the area. The simple use of music and the installation of night lights can serve as temporary solutions to new infestations.



Tree squirrels are usually at ground level foraging for acorns, nuts and berries. In the trees, some will eat bird eggs, baby birds, tree bark and tree sap. They are identifiable by their long ears, bushy tails, sharp claws and ability to hop from branch to branch without missing a beat.

Squirrels are found all around the world, except in the Southern region of South America and oddly enough, Australia. In all, there are around 280 species of squirrels, all of which can be separated by three distinct body types that are either perfect for digging, climbing or gliding through the air.