Brooklyn Raccoon Control

Squirrels might be cute to watch from afar as they jump from branch to branch and busily gather acorns in the fall, but it’s a different story when they take up residence in your home. The fact that you live in the more urban environment of Brooklyn will not deter them either; they have adapted quite nicely to city life. Before you have even bigger problems, you need to give Flash Exterminating a call.


Signs of Squirrels in your attic

You can get a pretty good idea that it is squirrels in your attic as opposed to rats, flying squirrels or raccoons. Unlike these other creatures, squirrels are most active during the day, particularly in the mornings and evenings as they leave your home to forage for food and water and then return to rest for the night. You might also hear them scampering around your attic, perhaps rolling nuts around. Another sign of infestation is the large entry hole they usually make. Squirrels find your attic to be particularly inviting, since it is a warm and safe place to store nuts and even have their winter litter of babies. Because they are extremely adaptable, these critters can also happily set up housekeeping between floors and in your walls.

It is important to take steps to remove squirrels from your home. For many people, their constant scampering and running are reason enough to bid squirrels adieu. Add to that their smelly urine and feces. What’s more, the damage they create can actually be life-threatening. These attic-dwellers can rip out your insulation to use for nests. Worse still, they often chew on electrical wiring, leading to a very real danger of electrical fires.


Damage caused to a Brooklyn home

Professional Squirrel Removal in Brooklyn

Because of these risks, it is vital that professionals help you get rid of the squirrels from your home and ensure that they will not return. At Flash Exterminating, we’re experts at identifying and safely removing your uninvited squirrel guests. We’ll also show you how they got in so that you can guard against future infestations. Give us a call today to dispatch these problem pests from your life.