Brooklyn Raccoon Control


Although the cute antics of raccoons may delight city dwellers, these critters are troublesome pests to homeowners throughout the New York City area. Raccoons usually live in wooded areas, but these 
clever creatures are not afraid to move into urban areas, especially if there is plenty of garbage to eat. At Flash Exterminating, we can help you deal with your raccoon problem. Raccoons can affect your family by transmitting diseases and wreaking havoc in your yard. Some raccoons carry rabies; this dangerous disease can spread to humans via a bite from the infected animal. If you spot a raccoon that is showing signs of the disease, such as excessive drooling or unprovoked aggression, avoid the animal. Raccoons can also carry other diseases, including roundworm. In most cases, however, raccoons will cause you little harm beyond engaging in aggravating behaviors in and around your home. For example, raccoons enjoy going through your garbage, creating a mess on your street. Female raccoons are known to make nests for their young inside a home's chimney. Due to the nocturnal behavior of raccoons, you may not even realize that you have a problem if you don't look for the clues. Missing pet food and odd noises above your ceiling are some of the common symptoms of a raccoon problem. Homeowners can reduce their interactions with raccoons by exercising a few basic strategies, including reducing clutter around the home and keeping garbage in a tightly sealed container. However, even these basic protections can fail, especially if you live near a wooded area or have neighbors who tend to leave garbage outside.

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