Preventive Mosquito Misting in Queens

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Preventive mosquito misting systems are designed to ward off the insects before they can begin to breed. In nearly all instances, these systems make use of pesticides and essential oils to keep the mosquitoes from entering the area. For Queens residents, an effective repellent will allow them to enjoy picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities without being bitten.


The misting devices can be set up in a variety of locations. They are perfect for patios, decks, stables, pool areas and recreational facilities. Most property owners choose to install the misting system along a perimeter so that most of the target area can be covered. The nozzles themselves are usually made from nickel or another durable metal, which means the system should remain in great shape for several years.

Calibrated Timers

At Flash Exterminating, we can ensure that the misting system is hooked up to a quality timer. In fact, the chemical spray will only need to be activated about three or four times each day. The misting residue is strong enough to keep mosquitoes away even when the nozzles are not on. The system will generally come with batteries so that the timer will remain on even during an electrical outage. Restaurant owners, for example, can set the timer so that the misting occurs before the lunch or dinner guests arrive.

Other Benefits

Misters can also help with a range of other pests. In fact, most men and women find that the devices repel flies, wasps, spiders and roaches. As long as the system has been installed by reliable professionals, individuals should no longer experience insect-related problems. Interested parties in Queens can contact Flash Exterminating for a free quote.