Pigeon Control in Brooklyn

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Though technically members of the dove family, pigeons generally have shorter, stockier bodies. When allowed to roost uninhibited in public areas, they can damage buildings, statues, fountains, and walkways. Because the birds are also likely to generate quite a bit of waste, towns and cities will have to devote considerable financial resources to cleaning sidewalks, benches, and awnings. At Flash Exterminating, we have the knowledge and expertise to remove the birds quickly and humanely. Because pigeons are comfortable in many different environments, they can be found near bridges, tunnels, parks, warehouses, and apartment complexes. While the birds usually retreat to nesting spots each evening, during the day they can be found on telephone poles, streetlights, roads signs, and concrete barriers. In areas where food waste is easily procured and predators are nonexistent, pigeon populations can quickly get out of control. While pigeons are detrimental to urban infrastructure, they can also carry a broad array of diseases. Salmonella and toxoplasmosis, for example, are relatively common and can be quite harmful. In some cases, pigeons may also harbor a number of different parasites. Mites, ticks, and lice can all be transferred from the feathers of the birds to humans and other animals.


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