Long Island Mosquito Control

Of all of the pests that can plague you and the other residents of Long Island, mosquitoes are some of the worst. Not only do you have to worry about them getting into your home through open doors and windows or even through cracks and other imperfections in the walls, but they can also be very troublesome if they are outdoors as well. Therefore, if you have noticed any mosquitoes in your area, you might be interested in talking to one of our talented professionals here at Flash Exterminating about effective and affordable Long Island mosquito control.

Dangers of Mosquitos in Long Island

No one likes the pesky, itchy and uncomfortable bites that go along with having too many mosquitoes around, but this annoyance isn't the only thing that you have to worry about. Since they pick up the diseases of any animals or people that they bite, mosquitoes can harbor and transport lots of dangerous and life-threatening diseases, such as yellow fever, malaria, West Nile virus, dengue fever and more.

Why you should call the professionals at Flash Exterminating

If you have noticed a lot of mosquitoes in or around your home or are concerned about the many diseases that these pests can carry, it is time to do something about it. At Flash Exterminating, we are dedicated to helping out clients to get rid of mosquitoes and a host of other pests quickly, safely and affordably. We offer free quotes for potential customers as well as the most reliable Long Island mosquito control services around, so contact us today to set up an appointment for your free quote and to get rid of the mosquitoes that are plaguing your home and garden.

Preventive Mosquito Misting in Queens

Preventive mosquito misting systems are designed to ward off the insects before they can begin to breed. In nearly all instances, these systems make use of pesticides and essential oils to keep the mosquitoes from entering the area. For Queens residents, an effective repellent will allow them to enjoy picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities without being bitten.


The misting devices can be set up in a variety of locations. They are perfect for patios, decks, stables, pool areas and recreational facilities. Most property owners choose to install the misting system along a perimeter so that most of the target area can be covered. The nozzles themselves are usually made from nickel or another durable metal, which means the system should remain in great shape for several years.

Calibrated Timers

At Flash Exterminating, we can ensure that the misting system is hooked up to a quality timer. In fact, the chemical spray will only need to be activated about three or four times each day. The misting residue is strong enough to keep mosquitoes away even when the nozzles are not on. The system will generally come with batteries so that the timer will remain on even during an electrical outage. Restaurant owners, for example, can set the timer so that the misting occurs before the lunch or dinner guests arrive.

Other Benefits

Misters can also help with a range of other pests. In fact, most men and women find that the devices repel flies, wasps, spiders and roaches. As long as the system has been installed by reliable professionals, individuals should no longer experience insect-related problems. Interested parties in Queens can contact Flash Exterminating for a free quote.

Dangers of Mosquitoes in Nassau County

The mosquitoes in Nassau County carry a variety of different parasites that can be quite harmful to humans. Because the insects can also breed quickly, they can pose significant problems for homeowners and business owners in the area. Individuals who avoid professional extermination techniques may be putting themselves at risk for a wide range of diseases.

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus has become more widespread in recent years. The disease can cause dangerous inflammation within the brain. It can also cause headaches, rashes and tiredness in some people. The disease is nearly always transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. 


Malaria has been associated with mosquitoes for centuries. Though primarily found in developing countries, the disease can still show up in developed areas from time to time. Untreated cases of malaria can cause severe nervous system problems and can lead to comas and even death.

Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever

Both dengue fever and yellow fever originated in the tropics. Infected individuals often experience body aches, headaches and exhaustion. Yellow fever can be prevented through rigorous vaccination programs and effective control of local mosquito populations.


Mosquitoes can in many cases present particular problems for dog owners. The insects can transmit heartworms to the animals. If not halted, the larvae can make their way to the heart and cause severe cardiovascular problems for the dog. By eradicating the mosquitoes in the immediate area, individuals can prevent their pets from becoming ill with this deadly disease.

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