Dangers of Mosquitoes in Nassau County


The mosquitoes in Nassau County carry a variety of different parasites that can be quite harmful to humans. Because the insects can also breed quickly, they can pose significant problems for homeowners and business owners in the area. Individuals who avoid professional extermination techniques may be putting themselves at risk for a wide range of diseases.

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus has become more widespread in recent years. The disease can cause dangerous inflammation within the brain. It can also cause headaches, rashes and tiredness in some people. The disease is nearly always transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. 


Malaria has been associated with mosquitoes for centuries. Though primarily found in developing countries, the disease can still show up in developed areas from time to time. Untreated cases of malaria can cause severe nervous system problems and can lead to comas and even death.

Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever

Both dengue fever and yellow fever originated in the tropics. Infected individuals often experience body aches, headaches and exhaustion. Yellow fever can be prevented through rigorous vaccination programs and effective control of local mosquito populations.


Mosquitoes can in many cases present particular problems for dog owners. The insects can transmit heartworms to the animals. If not halted, the larvae can make their way to the heart and cause severe cardiovascular problems for the dog. By eradicating the mosquitoes in the immediate area, individuals can prevent their pets from becoming ill with this deadly disease.

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