Brooklyn Commercial Window Cleaning

With every component of our integrated pest management system recommendations, keeping your property clean is a key concept. Keeping a clean and maintained landscape or yard is essential for businesses to prevent outdoor pests such as rodents and ants. Keeping the building clean indoors helps prevent cockroaches, spiders and many other pests. It is especially important for businesses to keep the premises clean to avoid losing customers. One important cleaning task that businesses rarely complete or think about is cleaning the windows.

Windows can become especially dirty depending on the type of work conducted in the business. For example, it is common for employees and customers to spill food or drinks on restaurant windows. Chemical residue from hairspray and other products can collect on windows in a hair salon. Children of customers commonly put sticky fingerprints on business windows when they visit. Dirt and debris can collect on the outside portion of the windows as well. While there are plenty of causes for dirty windows, it is important to take action to keep them clean and further reduce pest attractions.

For commercial storefront window cleaning in Brooklyn and in the surrounding areas, we offer thorough cleaning services that reflect the same strong commitment to quality that is apparent in our pest management services. We always believe in being upfront and explaining everything to our customers, and we understand that one of the most common questions for this service is what we use for our cleaning solution and method. 

With our cleaning process, we use Meyers soap for the main product. Since we want to avoid scratches on our valued customers' windows, we use super-fine #000 steel wool for hard-to-remove debris on windows. We also use a mild abrasive cleaner, which provides enough abrasion to remove debris but not enough to scratch the window's surface. During the process, our experienced professionals use natural sponges and a three-star barrier glass surface protection product. This product helps keep the glass safe from future debris contact and grimy buildup.

Our goal is to help you keep your business clean and free of pests without all of the harmful chemicals used in traditional pest control or cleaning. We use green and natural products in an effort to help keep the environment cleaner and to reduce you and your customers' exposure to harmful chemicals. Call Flash Exterminating today for a free commercial window cleaning estimate.