Brooklyn Bird Control


Having a bird infestation can be more than just mere nuisance. Species, such as starlings, pigeons, sparrows, grackles, crows, cowbirds and blackbirds, are becoming increasingly common in the Brooklyn area and New York City. These birds are constantly in search of food, shelter and comfortable places to roost. Consequently, they can make their way into buildings and occupy the roofs, rims and crevices of your house.

Ignoring a bird infestation can result in significant damage in the long run. If you feel that your property is being occupied by an uncontrollable number of birds, it is important to seek timely professional help to deter them and keep them away for good. 

How Can Birds Cause Harm?

Birds can cause structural damage to your property. Having too many of them can affect the aesthetic appearance and financial value of a house or building. In addition, they can pose serious health problems to the residents. Their droppings can be toxic, foul smelling and harbor a variety of disease-causing germs. Bird waste is corrosive and can harbor bacteria and worms. The debris from their nests, feathers and droppings can clog gutters and ducts. By inhabiting rooftops and vents, it is possible that birds can contaminate indoor air circulation and trigger serious allergies. Birds can attract insects, such as mites, fleas, ticks and flies. A high level of insect infestation can lead to additional problems. 

Flash Exterminating Can Get Rid Of Your Bird Infestation Problem For Good

If you suspect a possible bird infestation, the experienced bird control specialists at Flash Exterminating can help. We combine a variety of safe, non-toxic and humane methods to deter birds away from your property and discourage future infestations. Our techniques are specifically customized for your unique situation. We use a combination of behavior modification, exclusion, abatement and repellent services to redirect roosting and detract birds from your premises. Our experts specialize in the installation of the state-of-the-art bird control equipment and deterrent systems. We serve all of Brooklyn and NYC. Call Flash Exterminating today, and receive a free quote at no obligation to you.