Bed Bug Control for New York & New Jersey Hotels

Hotel guests will rave about your hotel if you’ve provided a clean, comfortable room for them with friendly and personable service. A positive hotel experience will stick with your customers, and word of mouth spreads quickly. This is great when your customers are happy with their experience. Word of mouth advertising is not so great when your guests have brought home more than they bargained for. Flash Exterminating will make sure that your hotel is free of pests, including bed bugs. 

As the local experts, Flash Exterminating serves all five New York boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey. We are familiar with the climate and critters in the area and use the most comprehensive methods to get rid of and prevent pests while remaining environmentally responsible.

Our quarterly monitoring service gives you peace of mind knowing that a potential problem will be taken care of before it even begins. We use state-of-the-art inspection techniques that reveal even the tiniest clues as to bed bug whereabouts. The treatments provided by Flash Exterminating also limit the use of excessive chemicals and keep your guests safe and comfortable.

The passive monitors we install help provide preventative measures for possible bed bug infestations. Passive monitors are chemical free and require no maintenance. Monitors provide an ideal hiding spot for bed bugs. As bed bugs crawl around on and inside the monitors, they leave behind signs of life, such as fecal matter and cast skins. These indications help us know which areas are more problematic and require more treatment.

We can also install Climb Up Insect Interceptors at the bottom of each bed frame, creating a barrier between the floor and the bed. This means that bed bugs on the floor can’t climb into the bed, and bed bugs on the bed can’t climb down the frame and spread along the floor.

As a hotel manager, can you afford not to know if you have a bed bug problem? Call Flash Exterminating today for a free quote and get more information about our pest control services. We’ll take care of you in a flash.