Brooklyn Animal Control

When wildlife interferes with your living space or property, it is time to call Flash Exterminating. With services covering areas throughout New York City and Brooklyn, Flash Exterminating prides itself on the satisfied referrals of past clients who have allowed us to trap and remove their wildlife thoroughly and humanely. 

The Animals We Remove


There are a great number of animals that can become an issue on properties. Wildlife often finds that your property provides a supply of food and a comfortable habitat that makes them burrow in and refuse to leave. Sharing your space with wildlife becomes a problem when those animals begin to cause structural damage, when they chew electrical wires and when your health is at risk due to disease. For these reasons, you need us to come and remove the wildlife that has gotten into your building.

The most common animals that we capture and remove are:

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Raccoons

  • Squirrels

  • Opossums 

  • Skunks

  • Bats

  • Pigeons and other birds

The Flash Exterminating Process

When we are first called to an animal control situation, there are several questions that we need to answer before we can take on the removal project:

What kind of animal are we attempting to locate, trap and remove?

  • Where is this animal living or spending the majority of its time?

  • How is this animal using and damaging the structure of the property?

  • Are there any mates or offspring involved?

  • Where are all the potential entry points?

Once we have determined the answers to these important questions, we can begin our removal process:

  • The type of animal will help us understand the mode of travel and favorite hiding places of your unwelcome visitor so we can track it more quickly and easily. 

  • Once we have found its living quarters or favorite dwelling areas, we can remove any nests or comfortable habitations that the animal has already created. 

  • If there has been structural damage to your property, we will know the areas in which we must proceed cautiously and in which you will need to do repairs.

  • Knowing that there is a mate living in the space will help prevent conflicts with the animals and help us ensure that all of your wildlife is gone. The same is true of offspring. We want to handle your entire animal control situation the first time. 

  • Once we have successfully captured and removed the wildlife, using only humane methods, we will block or seal all potential entry points to prevent a similar infestation in the future. 

Do-it-yourself animal control is a risky endeavor for yourself and for your property, and we never recommend that you attempt it. Flash Exterminating knows how to handle all of your wildlife control needs, so give us a call for a free consultation and to get your infestation under control.